DiVine Winemakers

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… A special opportunity to meet winemakers and learn about their craft

Hear from the winemakers who have become masters at creating the grape varieties that produce the delicious Languedoc-Roussillon wines.

An enchanting tour in the 2CV will culminate in the quiet wine cellars where future Grand Crus are slowly maturing.

Meet the men and women who produce the region’s best wines. Get to know the winemakers in a warm, intimate setting.

The wine tour includes:

  • The ride in the 2CV (as a driver or passenger), which starts in La Palme or Sallèles d'Aude and includes gas, insurance, and technical assistance
  • The presence of an expert wine guide
  • A chance to meet with the winemaker in their wine cellar
  • A wine tasting

Duration: 3 hours

This tour is available year round for groups of 2 to 11 people, on booking.

Upon request we can also change the meeting place, organise tours for larger groups, or use a 8-set minibus for those who don't want to drive or have reduced mobility.

Please contact us for more information.